Frequently Asked Questions

I've never heard of Bets For Today, is all this above board?

Firstly, thanks for finding us and welcome.  Bets For Today is owned by OSBM Publishing Limited  and it was the brainchild of a professional Betfair Trader & Sports Bettor, Steve Trow.  Bets For Today understands what punters want and we want you to have the best experience possible from your sports betting.

So what sort of services do you have at Bets For Today?

There's an ever expanding list of services, but we cover a wide range of sports and disciplines from Betfair Trading Products, Horse Racing Tipsters, Greyhound Tipsters & Football Tipsters.

Do you put honest results on the website?

Yes 100%, Bets For Today is here for the long haul and we can't abide the scammers and charlatans who post false information in order to make quick profits from punters.  We're here to make a positive difference to a sometimes murky industry, so you can rest assured that all the results you see are what actually happened.  All systems or services go through peaks and troughs, but our systems have a steady upwards trajectory.

Is it really possible to profit from sports betting?

Yes, by following the right people and the right systems and obviously we believe our services to tick both of those boxes.  There are numerous people out there who make a full-time living from betting on sports and Bets For Today enjoys finding them and bringing them to the discerning punter.  All of our services are about long-term returns and steady profits, so if you're looking for the system which is going to make a millionaire overnight, then I'm afraid that's not how we operate.  Don't get me wrong, it's not uncommon for our systems to make over 20/30 points profit in a single month, bring a £25 bettor a stress free income of £500/£750.

How do you select your systems and how do I know they're not rubbish?

We proof all of our systems before they get anywhere near being approved as a product here on Bets For Today.  Some people just churn out systems all the time and go for quantity over quality, but for us it is all about quality.  After following a system for a minimum of 60 days, we can then feel confident to bring it to market and this gives everyone the best chance of having a profitable sports betting service to follow and enjoy.

Oi, you've not answered my question!

Sorry about that, we can't fit them all on here, but if you pop over to our Contact Us page, and send your question in, we will get back to you asap and if the question will be of help to other users, we'll add it to the page on here.

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